Alicia Ross – Extreme Cross Stitch

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Welcome to the Cutting (& Stitching) Edge, where we showcase people whose embroidered creativity is fresh and new!

Alicia Ross is a mixed media artist from Cleveland, Ohio. She takes cross stitch and electrifies it.

Alicia Ross - Motherboard 2 - Machine Embroidered Cross Stitch

From her site: “For nearly a decade, Alicia Ross has been juxtaposing the fetishistic and conceptual into her own ideology of body and self, proposed within the context of public and private viewership. Beginning her career as a two-dimensional image-maker, her work has evolved to encompass various facets of multi-media and conceptuality.”

Alicia Ross - Motherboard 7 - Machine Embroidered Cross Stitch

Her work takes my breath away. Erotic images of women are filtered, stylised and then stitched by machine. The application of the stitches, which makes use of negative space, elevates and invigorates the medium of cross stitch.

Alicia Ross - Motherboard 6 - Machine Embroidered Cross Stitch
Alicia Ross – Motherboard 6 – Machine Embroidered Cross Stitch

The Motherboard series, featured here, explores voyeurism primarily through electronic media, and delivers pieces that are akin to static charges; in the same way as a static shock comes from nowhere and reminds you of hidden power, Alicia’s works reminds us that this medium is far more versatile than we might think. Her pieces shock you, but it’s not the content that shocks, it’s the form. Awesome.

Alicia Ross - Motherboard 5 - Machine Embroidered Cross Stitch

Alicia Ross exhibits across the world, and regularly picks up awards on her way. You can find out more about Alicia at her website, or on Instagram where you can see her other works and be as awestruck by this stuff as I am.