Jacquelyn Royal - Berlin 1 - Graffiti Needlepoint

Jacquelyn Royal – Needlepoint Graffiti

I like a bit of graffiti cross stitch, in case you didn’t already know. That’s been the inspiration for my graffiti cross stitch patterns. And we’ve featured graffiti cross stitch on here a couple of times now. Ulrika Erdes does graffiti with embroidery. Cathiphop has stitched superb graffiti on more than one occasion. And then there’s Stitchalicious as well who have got some graffiti based tricks up their sleeves!

Jacquelyn Royal - Berlin 2 graffiti needlepoint

And now Jacquelyn Royal‘s come along and upped the ante. 🙂
Her graffiti needlepoint pieces, from Chicago and Berlin, are superb.

Jacquelyn Royal - Chicago 1 graffiti needlepoint

It’s great to see the graffiti stitched in it’s context – I love the electrical gubbins (technical term!) on the post in the Chicago piece.

Jacquelyn Royal - Berlin 3 graffiti needlepoint

These four pieces are terrific and I look forward to seeing more of Jacquelyn’s work in the future. She is based in Tennessee, and is showing works in New York.

Jacquelyn Royal - Berlin 1 graffiti needlepoint

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