all about bathrooms

all about bathrooms

This month I’m bringing you some bathroom accessories. I think that bathroom gadgets are very underrated and often forgotten by artists. Below you can see how several artists coped with this topic.

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Kate Talbot

Kate Talbot is a contemporary artist and satirist. Her work has featured in Vogue magazine and many other commercial and creative publications.  There is a poignant wit to her work that is both moving and provocative.  She draws with thread and wool, creating layers of colour and texture which draw the viewer in.  Her dissection of politics, prejudices, fashions and idiosyncrasies are incisive and at times unapologetically confrontational whilst her representation of the ordinary can often draw out our nostalgic emotions.”

The work below is a commission for Stylist Magazine.

Meghan A.Macdonald

Meghan A.Macdonald was born by Lake Ontario and grew up on Georgian Bay and now live near the Atlantic Ocean in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She loves to tell visual stories. Her background is in textiles and experience includes product styling, visual merchandising, art making, design, teaching and social media management.

Takahiro Iwasaki

Takahiro Iwasaki is a Japanese artist and sculptor. He has exhibited in international settings including the Seoul Museum of Art in South Korea, the Moscow Museum of Modern Art in Russia, the Queensland Art Gallery in Australia, and the Palais de Tokyo in Paris, France.

He works with the finest bristles of toothbrushes and brooms to construct architectural structures as part of his ongoing series titled „Out of Disorder (Brushes of World)”, inspired by the industrial history of Japan.

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