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all about pets

This month, I’m bringing you pets! Below, you can see how several artists coped with this topic.

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Claire Garland

Claire Garland is author of several knitting books, maker, pattern writer and designer. She makes adorable, real life looking knitted animals.

Claire Garland the artist has knitted a bird in white with a black beak.
Claire Garland the artist has knitted a cat in grey and white.

‘I adore home-life, baking, cooking, gardening (on a fine day!), sunshine, music, dolls and cake, but knitting and crochet is my thing, and I am never too far away from my dpns and hooks and a ball of beautiful yarn – my only complaint in life is that there is never enough time to fulfil everything.’ Claire.

Claire Garland the artist has knitted a rabbit in grey and white.

Kim Smith

Kim Smith is an Edinburgh-based illustrator and textile artist, working from a home studio in the city of Edinburgh. ‘I’ve been creating weird and wonderful characters for as long as I can remember.’

Kim Smith lion like creature sewn together.
Kim Smith cat like creature in black

‘I made the very first Poosac toy in 2000 as a gift for my sister and the collection has been growing steadily ever since. From hand-painted dolls to delicately stitched woodland creatures, my Poosac toys now take many different forms.’ – says the artist.

Kim Smith owl.

Tamar Mogendorff

Tamar Mogendorff is an artist and designer residing in Brooklyn, New York. Tamar is known for her  original soft objects. Her one-of-a-kind textile sculptures are inspired by the natural world, while she transformed it into a modern-age cabinet of curiosities.

Tamar Mogendorff whale sculpture

In recent years Mogendorff expanded her work beyond soft objects and started designing home goods such as rugs, puffs and blankets, collaborating with artisans around the world.

Tamar Mogendorff bird

From my perspective…

the columnist shows her work off, this time cat food shaped embroideries
the columnist shows her work off, this time cat food shaped embroideries selection which a white cat.

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