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all about ice cream

What could be better than ice cream on a hot summer’s day?

This month, I invite you to enjoy some artists dealing with textile ice creams, who in my opinion deserve attention! I hope you will enjoy these sweet works as much as I do!

Ed Bing Lee ice cream sculpture

Ed Bing Lee

Philadelphia artist Ed Bing Lee has been perfecting his knotting artistry for over 40 years. He is all about textile sweets, treats and junk food, and has created knotted sculptures of many, many delicacies.

Ed Bing Lee American themed cup cake textile art 3D sculpture

My initial attraction to the process of knotting was its immediacy and the fact that little specialized equipment is required, which allows for great latitude in approach as to design, concept and technique” says the artist.

Ed Bing Lee ice cream sundae in textile art


StudioManya created by Kwannie specializing in creating amazing crocheting patterns. „I have learnt the basics from my neighbour lady when I was on maternity leave of my first child in 2013.”- says the artist.

StudioManya ice cream van in crochet

Kwannie would like to show that there are no limits in crocheting!

StudioManya ice cream van in crochet another view of it

 „I hope to sweep people of their feet as many as I can with my designs. My purpose with my Instagram account and my designs is to show people that there is so much more you can create with crochet and personalize that with my absolutely-not-so-glamorous life experiences. I hope this relates to my fellow crocheters, or at least give you a laugh.”- says Kwannie.

StudioManya ice cream van in crochet zoomed in view

Maria Filipe Castro- droolwool

Droolwool, is a Fiber and Toy Artist from Portugal, currently based in the UK.

Maria Filipe Castro felt ice cream

She designs characters in a deliciously cute style, that she sculpts using needles and wool, creating unique and one of a kind Art Toys and Soft Sculptures.

Maria Filipe Castro felt ice cream and cone

Using food and nature as an inspiration she likes to tell tiny stories with a touch of innocence and lots of humour, making her characters portray spontaneous human reactions, capturing moments of spontaneity that only children and specially toddlers are capable of demonstrating.

Maria Filipe Castro ice cream lolly in blue with a face

From my perspective…

Alicja Kozłowska ice creams
Alicja Kozłowska ice creams another view

Thank you for reading! Make sure to click on each artist name to discover more.

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