Gear Threads – Anne Honeyman’s Dimensional Stitches

Gear Threads Is The Mr X Stitch Machine Embroidery Column - Presented By Urban Threads!

Anne Honeyman is a textile artist who creates her amazing thread sculptures using a free machine embroidery technique on soluble fabric. When the soluble stabilizer is removed, these amazing freestanding embroidery creations are left behind, creating dimensional shapes and objects.

Using this technique, she has explored everything from natural shapes, shadow art created from the negative space, and even dimensional vessels created entirely in thread.

From her website:

“As a textile artist, I revel in the infinite creative possibilities of my chosen medium.
Although I specialise in free machine embroidery, I draw on a wide range of techniques to realise my ideas.  These include papermaking, felting, hand embroidery, dyeing and metalwork.

My work is varied and constantly evolving, but recurring themes emerge – especially the natural environment and man’s impact upon it through the ages. I have also designed many projects for magazines, helping to bring contemporary embroidery to a wider audience.”

Anne Honeyman has much more to see on her website, or you can check out her etsy store and get one of these embroidered sculptures for yourself.


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