ARTeries: Everything new is old

Best of the Season however you celebrate, to all you Fibrostos and Fibristas from arlee and ARTeries! No scholarly dissertation for the last one of the year: rather, i’m sharing with you as a gift of sorts, several “patterns” from as far back as 1910. I was sent a huge box of Needlecraft Magazine dating back to literally 100 years ago, and could scan and post forever just with these 🙂 Some of these have no actual instructions or diagrams, but i know you’re all clever types who can probably figure them out with your needle eye closed and both threads tied behind your back. I’ve also thrown in some ads—some were “truer” then than the hyperbole we hear and see today!

In no particular order, here we go!

the Noseshaper November 1925
skirts 1910
Table runner January 1923

The one above, i can send a better jpg of, if someone wants to actually try it. The same goes for the unique birds below, a design i thought would be great on any number of things:

Crocheted birds June 1926
Elastic Connectors January 1930

Child raising January 1923

Embroidered linens August 1926

Use a laxative for *your* cold! January 1930

And of course, aprons, who doesn’t love them? Here’s one for Aunt Alice with a detachable pot holder at the bottom!

Apron December 1926

And because i couldn’t resist putting this one in for Jamie:

Truth in Advertising September 1916

A good one to all and to all a good new year!


Arlee Barr is a Canadian artist, working primarily with textiles. She describes herself as “curious, eccentric and just a little opinionated“.  Surrealist in thought, Fauvist at heart, Arlee likes the eclectic, explorative and absurd. Sprinkled around the interwebs, she can be found hanging around her fantastic blog.