Dena Lenham, aka KreinikGirl, is Creative Director at Kreinik Manufacturing Company, a family-owned, USA-based business that manufactures high-quality yarns and threads made of metallics, silks and real metals from their West Virginia factory. Dena’s monthly column, Kreinik Calling, sheds light on the fascinating fibres that we all use and love.

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This curved embroidery scissor helps you get into tight spots—including cutting while your project is in a hoop or frame. Angled scissors rock!
5 super useful gift ideas for stitchers

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The factory is divided into the silk thread section, and the metallic thread section (shown here). Threads are made, coned, spools, labeled, and packaged in a gigantic room of color and music (could not help but tap my foot to some good classic rock playing in the room).
Come behind the scenes at Kreinik

Come along with me, behind the scenes at the Kreinik thread factory, via this month’s…

Notice the "A" on some of the labels of these Kreinik Silk Mori skeins? That indicates a new dye lot. Check labels on all of your threads to see if there is a dye lot designation.
How to solve dye lot dilemmas

Hello! Kreinik Calling! Like the old Avon-Calling, but we’re talking about threads, those beauty products…

Not just for stitching? These gold Kreinik ribbons would look pretty woven into an elegant updo, or wrapped around a wedding bouquet, or as Christmas ornament hangers.
20 surprising uses for your Kreinik thread

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Kreinik now makes more than 200 colors in 10 different metallic thread sizes. Wouldn't it be nice to collect them all?!
How Kreinik makes Metallic Threads

Do you love factory tours or watching how things are made? Today I want to…