Economy skeins of Kreinik Silk Mori, a 100% pure spun silk for embroidery, knitting, crochet, cross stitch, needlepoint.

Where The Shops Shop

The Kreinik crew just returned from The National Needlearts Association (TNNA) summer tradeshow in Indianapolis, Indiana. This is one event where businesses in the needlework

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Sam used a variety of stitches in a combination of hand and machine embroidery using metallic threads on silk paper. Kreinik Fashion Twist is used for the machine stitching, while various sizes (thicknesses) of Kreinik Braids are used for the hand embroidery.

Bring On The Light

As a stitcher and embroider, you use threads as a tool for bringing a design to life. They’re not just for adding color, however. Depending

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You can do shading with glow-in-the-dark threads, but that may disappear somewhat when the lights go out.

Using Threads For Special Effects

Threads for needlework and embroidery aren’t just for color, they can also be used for special effects. Today, you can stitch with glow-in-the-dark thread, reflective thread or conductive thread. Find out more at Mr X Stitch!

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