Dena Lenham, aka KreinikGirl, is Creative Director at Kreinik Manufacturing Company, a family-owned, USA-based business that manufactures high-quality yarns and threads made of metallics, silks and real metals from their West Virginia factory. Dena’s monthly column, Kreinik Calling, sheds light on the fascinating fibres that we all use and love.

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A basic square created on a pin loom can become a coaster immediately (gift items for all your friends!). Make more than one, though, and you can combine them to make a scarf or table runner. Here I used a knitting yarn with Kreinik Ombre in gold for more visual interest.
Stepping Beyond Cross Stitch

Beyond cross stitch, do you use your creative energy in other ways? Do you also…

Two types of silk thread are shown here: Kreinik Silk Mori, a spun silk (the skeins) and Kreinik Silk Serica, a filament silk (the spools). You can see the difference in texture and sheen. From
3 Reasons To Try Silk Thread

It is soft, beautiful, rich in color, and has been used in needlework for centuries:…

Metallic threads make any stitched flower stand out. Use them to add texture, dimension and light. These threads are from Kreinik,
How to stitch flowers

Are you surrounded by colorful, cheerful, bright flowers today? I hope so; a spot of…

These gorgeous, rich shades of purple are in the form of Kreinik Braid. This brilliant thread is meant to be used alone (not used as a carry-along) to add a bolder metallic look to a design. Washable, dry cleanable, available in several sizes to suit different counts of fabric/canvas and different stitches. Explore more here:
Your Daily Thread

Today I got a warning (a threat?), a message of doom, one that I wasn’t…

Ellen Brown's beautiful Cymatics Sampler needlepoint canvas design is a study of color, texture, and soundwaves.
Recreating sound waves in stitches

Hello! Kreinik Calling here, with your monthly thread inspiration. Actually, it’s more than an inspiration,…