Penny Nickels

Penny Nickels is a print maker, a former book binder, currently a fiber artist and fledgling writer.

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Needle Exchange: Back in Black

I hope everyone enjoyed the last bits on redwork, I thought it was only fitting…

Rushnyk - Traditional Redwork Technique
Needle Exchange: Looking Back At Redwork

Hello everybody! This week we’re going to be looking at the history of redwork embroidery. What…

Sashiko embroidery
Needle Exchange: Sashiko Stitching

Hello Everybody! Today we’ll be looking at Sashiko. “Sashiko” means “little stabs”, the verb “sasu”…

Needle Exchange: William Morris

Welcome back everybody! I thought we talk about William Morris today. As there are many,…

Micmac Quillwork
Needle Exchange: Quillwork

Welcome back everybody! The last few months we’ve been looking at contemporary fiber artists, this time I…