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Oliver Bliss

Oliver Bliss | Machine Embroidery

Oliver Bliss is a Worcester-based embroidery artist whose recent “SoftLad” series of large-scale machine stitched tapestries explores the difference between social media images and the reality of modern manhood. Learn more about him in this Manbroidery interview on Mr X Stitch!

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Pascale Michalski - Meet Me Today (2021)

What Is An Art Quilt?

An art quilt is a quilt style which moves away from the traditional types that are most commonly associated with quilting. It is method of quilting which is art-led, not pattern-led like patchwork quilting. The focus of interest in art quilts is in the aesthetic design rather than the use of the quilt. Art Quilts vary in style from realistic to abstract and use many techniques or fibre varieties.

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Manooni - Geometric Friends - Needle Felting

Manooni – Feelgood Felts

Hannah and Olga Dovhan from Ukraine, are better known as Manooni, and they make charming needle felted creations with weather characters, mindful meditators and much more. It’s another Felter Skelter post from Mr X Stitch!

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Sashiko & Boro – Japanese Mending Techniques

Japanese mending techniques have become popular as people connect with the value and therapeutic benefits of mending. There are two well-known Japanese mending techniques, they are Sashiko and Boro.
Sashiko is a method of stitching used to repair cloth while at the same time decorating it. It is often classed under the category of visible mending as classically white embroidery thread is used with a contrast base of indigo fabric.
Boro is the result of Sashiko in action; it is the repair achieved by stitching over or together fabrics with a needle and thread, to repair or decorate.

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