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Utopian Fallopian – The Vulvic Variety Show

Nicki is Utopian Fallopian, a non-binary textile artist from Glasgow who transforms vulvas into a multitude of possibilities.

Utopian Fallopian - Burst Of Fantasy
Utopian Fallopian – Burst Of Fantasy

Using a single subject matter, Nicki has produced numerous vulvic versions exploring themes and techniques to produce a body of work that is magnificent. The individual pieces are a celebration of femininity and bursting with joy, but when you explore their portfolio – their Instagram is a great way to see it – you really can appreciate their eclectic creativity.

Utopian Fallopian - Cracks In The Concrete
Utopian Fallopian – Cracks In The Concrete

While the vulva remains a sensitive topic for many, Nicki’s work is a celebration and cannot fail to cause a joyful response. Many of their pieces respond to the cultural and personal contentions that remain a part of the common experience, but there remains a playful wonderment to the work. This acts as a great counterbalance to the feelings that images of vulvas can evoke. Nicki’s anatomical pieces are something to be proud of, to share with other people; it’s a clitoral revolution!

Utopian Fallopian - Mediterranean Foliage
Utopian Fallopian – Mediterranean Foliage

How did your technique evolve?

My technique is a combination of experimenting with various craft techniques over time. I love incorporating 3D elements into textile work, and am always learning about and trying new skills. It really is just an amalgamation of things I enjoy doing!

Utopian Fallopian - Sacred Geometry
Utopian Fallopian – Sacred Geometry

Where is your creativity taking you?

I am really excited by where I feel my artwork is going. I’m starting to create diptychs, and have plans for triptychs or other collections made of multiple pieces. I am also hoping to exhibit this year, so I’m looking forward to other people experiencing my artwork in physical space.

Utopian Fallopian - Paisley Party
Utopian Fallopian – Paisley Party

What other artists inspire you?

I am constantly inspired by other artists I follow on the internet. Some of my favourites on Instagram are: @naughty__knots, @marciabennettmaletextile, @archcurate, @agytextileartist, @cmmnctn.brkdwn, @simoneelizabethtextiles, @mattsmithart, @ash_badwoods and @joseph_morgan_ceramics, to name only a handful! Social media is both a blessing and a curse as an artist, but I love that I can find creators from all over the world and all walks of life, and see the glorious things they make!

Utopian Fallopian - Jubilant Dawn
Utopian Fallopian – Jubilant Dawn

What is your favourite tool to use in your practise?

Honestly, my favourite tool is my needle! Embroidery, and textiles in general, is a super flexible and durable medium where you can achieve so much with very little equipment.

Utopian Fallopian - Wild Blood
Utopian Fallopian – Wild Blood

Can you share one creative tip with our readers?

My creative tip would be to do something creative, even if you are feeling stuck. Sometimes I struggle to find the motivation for sewing, but doing something else I enjoy (like drawing, or planning my next D&D session) gives my brain a chance to get back in the mood with less pressure.

Utopian Fallopian - Sporty Spice
Utopian Fallopian – Sporty Spice

You can enjoy Nicki’s work at their website, where you can commission your own sculptures, and support them on Patreon.

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