Book Review – Stumpwork Flowers by Sachiko Morimoto

Mr X Stitch Book Review Stumpwork Flowers by Sachiko Morimoto offers insight into this embroidery technique, however is it the one for you? Introduction Floral motifs have long since been an integral part of Stumpwork.  This book is said to offer a modern perspective on this concept. Who is the book for? Definitely the keen embroiderer, one who has something more than lightweight knowledge.  The book has been written by a practicing teacher, who has studied at The Royal School of Needlework in London, thus we can be confident of its professional and accurate instruction. Having an interest in the floral is key, as this technique is time consuming, thus the design you choose must hold your interest till the finish! Content The book in its entirety, holds nineteen beautiful designs to choose from.  There are eight projects showing how to take your needlework further and make the designs into practical items, such as motifs held on book covers and napkins.
The table of contents.
I imagine the outcomes would make one off thoughtful gifts. Instructions covering the basic embroidery stitches are detailed nearing the end of the book….
Plenty of visual instruction via clear wording and diagrams.
What makes it special? Photography The photography, especially the first gallery section which takes you up to page thirty two clearly conveys the pieces to their full potential.  The pictures illustrated and unfussy, simply showing one piece at a time.  This makes for easy understanding and visualising. Highlights Personally I feel that the display of a variety of wild flowers enclosed is one to be noted. I love the vibrancy seen within this sample:
Wild Strawberries
What is wrong with the book? It could be said that this book is aimed at a particular audience.  Thus if you are more a crafter than an embroiderer, the projects held within may leave you a tad cold, or indeed go over your head.  However you will appreciate the patience needed to accomplish such distinguished pieces.
Clear instructions are given for each separate project.
Conclusion A clear and educational publication, definitely one to acquire for the keen embroiderer and indeed an inspirational pictorial resource for many. Feel like a purchase?  Get it here!

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