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Hello, Hello, Hello again to all of you cross stitch fanatics out there. Has the Christmas season snuck up on you before you finished all those holiday related projects or are you the advanced planner that has them already stock piled, wrapped, and ready to go? I have a yearly deadline to start, not finish, because the start is the hard part for me. If I haven’t started by February 1, then I chuck stitching Christmas items for the year. It works like a charm. I haven’t done any Christmas projects in over ten years!

Let’s fly a kite,
By bright moonlight,
Under the velvet sky.
With a wish and a sigh,
We will fly it so high,
It will disappear from our sight.

~Debbie Monachella

Last month I discussed using flower thread and adding wooden buttons to cross stitch (go to this link to read about it ). I fell in love with the matte quality of flower thread, especially the Ginnie Thompson brand. Now that I’ve tried it I will be using my stash of discontinued DMC Flower Thread and the Ginnie Thompson as much as possible in the future. I did finish the project and used the DMC Etoile floss for stitching up the stars and moon. I loved using it, it sparkles so nicely without being glaring and there was only the occasional misadventure of it stretching too much and stripping the fiber off the Lurex. I added Swarovski 2.5mm bicone beads in Sunflower to add extra sparkle and interest. Since the butterfly represents a kite, I also added a bit of  beautiful 1/8-inch sparkly gold metallic twisted ribbon as a string from the girl to the butterfly. I just tacked it on at both ends with the same colored floss as the stitching.

I truly love how this turned out so give a give a skein or two of flower thread a try, I bet you’ll enjoy the difference!

Fly A Kite
I wanted a string for the kite to give added dimension to the design and this gold coiled metallic ribbon did the trick. It isn’t wire lined, it just has a natural twist to it that is permanent and fun to work with.
Fly A Kite Finish - christmas wish list
The final version and this was a great learning experience working with fabulous flower threads and wonderful wood buttons. I would use them again in future projects, no hesitation!

WHAT THE HEY! So recently DMC released it’s latest line of Diamant metallic thread. This new release is their Diamant Grande thread which is twice the thickness of the original Diamant thread. The new Diamant Grande has a single 6-ply non-divisible thread which is a good thickness for statement stitches that need heft to them. I use the original Diamant thread and it is perfect to use for cross stitch on 14 count Aida. This thread truly has the look and feel of stitching with a metal . I’m amazed at the similarity every time I use it!

Ready or not, here comes Christmas. It is banging at your door demanding to be let in. Once in, it wants to know where the baked goods are; the decorated tree; the nicely wrapped presents; the homemade ornaments; the batteries for the camera!

Well this year I have a few demands of my own to fulfil my Christmas wish list . I have a list and I’ve checked it twice and this year I have been especially nice, so these shouldn’t be ignored. Here we go!

1. I want my stitchy/creative space to be magically expanded by another ten feet.
2. I want my floss to never tangle or knot. If I have to I’ll go with undoing them myself but it will be like the magician when he blows on the rope and the knot falls out.
3. I want my stitchy/creaitve supplies to always put themseleves away, quietly.
4. I want my house to be self-cleaning, you know, like the oven. You push a button, close up the house, go shopping and come back to a spic and span house. No more lost stitchy/creative time on drudgery.
5. Per number one, extend that to fifteen feet.
6. I want my husband to start insisting that he do all the cooking from now on. And the clean-up as well. That includes emptying the dishwasher. No more watching the carousel of boredom go around in the microwave for me! This is time I can use to check out the latest floss tube videos.
7. I want my family to get me cross-stitch related gifts for Christmas, my birthday, Mother’s Day, anniversary, and other gift giving related holidays. They know I love cross stitch but never get me anything even remotely close to it for a gift. What’s up with that?! Well, no more subtle or unsubtle hints will be needed from now on.
8. I never want to pay shipping costs again for my cross stitch supplies. Ever!
9. Per number one and number five, extend that to twenty feet.
10.The button battery in my clip on magnifier/light (which is super expensive and hard to find) will not die even if I accidentally leave it on for two days straight.

Of course there are more things I could add to the list, but I don’t want to appear selfish. Except, let’s just change #1 to adding a stitching “wing” to the house. Yeah, that’s better!

Wishing you and yours all a wonderful holiday season no matter the way you do or do not celebrate it. Just enjoy this time of year!

All the best and Keep Creating!

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