The Embroidered Porcelain Art of Diem Chau

Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Diem Chau is an wonderful artist. Originally from Vietnam, she studied art in Seattle and has won several awards for her work.

Diem Chau's Embroidered Porcelain

Her porcelain works are amazing, using the threads to break out of the confines of the crockery structure. See more of these on her website gallery.

Diem Chau's Embroidered Porcelain

She also produces modern embroideries, that have understated elegance, and that also go beyond their normal dimensions.

Diem Chau Embroidery

You can visit her blog, check out her Flickr, buy some of her work from her etsy store, and, if you’re in Portland, you can go and see her in an exhibition that runs til the end of June:

Pulliam Deffenbaugh Gallery

929 NW Flanders Street
Portland, OR 97209
Hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 11 – 5:30

Diem Chau's Embroidered Porcelain

And as if that wasn’t enough, Diem is also reknowned for her crayon sculptures – which are superb!

Diem Chau's crayon sculptures