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Hand Embroidery Dictionary by Christen Brown, published by C & T Publishing


Okay so if we are interested in embroidery, we are bound to have a stitch dictionary right? Surprisingly many of us will have bought loads of books over the years, but maybe not invested in one which covers the basics of hand stitching. This book is designed to cover all we will need to know, from the basic stitches to the more complicated. This publication, Hand Embroidery Dictionary written by Christen Brown may be one to add to your wish list.

About the Author

Christen Brown has previously published quite a few books, this is her latest addition. She began her own artistic journey in 1991, teaching and exhibiting her work. She is so enthusiastic about her practice and endeavours to rub this off on all who surround her. Her website tells us: ‘I am an artist, a designer, a technician, a crafter, a writer and a poet. Every thing I do is because of the confidence that my husband and daughter show in me; and I know that it is their love for me that gives me the ability to bring my inspirations to life.’

Christen Brown hand embroidery dictionary about the artist
about the artist

As you can observe, this artist is well connected and available to look up on social media platforms and own website. Why not follow her?

Who Is This Book Aimed At?

Those who are new to embroidery will find this super educational. Those who already have experience will find this a great refresher.


The beginning explains via the usual contents list:

CB hand embroidery contents
contents list

Some of the contents has been illustrated, for those of us who can’t visualise a certain stitch until we are reminded of it. This makes for a heightened level of appeal.

Where to start? The author has that covered:

CB Hand Embroidery what to do with stitches start

The book as a whole has been really well captured visually. Being a stitch guide, this is required and Brown certainly makes the guide easy to follow, with step-by-step instructions carrying us through.

CB Hand Embroidery visual stitch guide
visual stitch guide

Who would have thought that so much could be done with the old humble straight stitch!

CB Hand Embroidery visual stitch guide other image
more stitches illustrated

This publication does more than simply the general stitch guide, it explores the bases we may action the stitches on……

CB Hand Embroidery cloth


Numerous layout formats are distributed through this book; all captured clearly….

CB Hand Embroidery added extras
all the added extras

What Makes The Book Special?

Cool ideas flow through this publication…ever thought about embroidering around a button?

Christen Brown hand embroidery dictionary button ideas
One of the special additions to this publication, embroidery over buttons
CB Hand Embroidery Techniques tips tricks
Tools and tips

The author adds that extra finesse via bonus sections, such as information on how to really succeed (see the tips and tricks image above).

We may really wonder how to use the hand embroidery stitches we learn, Brown gives us plenty of ideas!

CB Hand Embroidery cloth what to do
stitches on a sampler

Anything Wrong With The Book?



Hand Embroidery Dictionary, written by Christen Brown and published by C&T Publishing could be yours right now!

CB Hand Embroidery what to do with stitches
what to do with all those hand embroidery stitches learned
CB Hand Embroidery perfect stitches
perfect stitches

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