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Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Joetta Maue is an artist and curator from Brooklyn, New York, whom some of you may be familiar with.

Joetta describes her work: “The images within my work are about personal identity, intimacy, and how identity struggles within the realm of intimacy. My mediums of embroidery, sewing, knitting, ironing, and folding of linens all come directly out of the home and the role of homemaking. I utilize these tasks and materials to place the work directly into the domain of the home and the female.”

“The concept and motivation in my work is to explore and question the conflict within female identity to simultaneously be a feminine, sexy, nurturing woman who cares for home and family as well as a strong independent woman.  Often finding a balance between these 2 selves can be difficult especially within the roles of traditional intimate relationships such as lover, wife, mother, & daughter – this is what my work attempts to explore.”

By using found, used linens that have been hand made by women of the past I am able to connect my everyday experience with that of my heritage.  I pay homage to the women that have come before me and connect to the lineage that I have with them in the domestic, everyday sphere of life.

Joetta’s work is graceful and elegant, and nostalgic. There is a romantic feel to the work, that is often contrasted by the phrases contained within. Joetta’s main body of work is individual pieces that are used in large installations, leading the viewer on an emotional journey. However she has recently created some impressive large-scale pieces, such as Waking.

I love the intimacy and femininity that runs throughout Joetta’s work. Uncomplicated in appearance, yet technically proficient, she consistently produces beautiful glimpses of her world view. It’s lovely.

Joetta writes about embroidery and art in on her blog, and is a much-loved member of the Mr X Stitch family, and has curated some of the best contemporary embroidery exhibitions in recent years. Her latest show, From the Tongue, runs from 24th June to 6th August at 34 North Moore St/Lotus Gallery Space, Tribeca and features embroidered art from 30 contemporary artists including Beefranck and I! Suffice to say, you will hear more about this show…


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