The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – Liza Smirnova

Liza Smirnova hand embroidery

Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Liza Smirnova is a mixed media artist from Moscow.

Liza Smirnova hand embroidery

I graduated in Moscow College of Theatre and Arts. First I was only drawing (pencil, paper and such) but then I tried working with textile and enjoyed it much. At this moment most of my works are embroidery.
Liza Smirnova hand embroidery
“I am embroidering jackets, sweaters, mittens and any other garments. Me and my friend designer Anastasia Klimova have made a collection of clothing. It was decorated with anatomical embroidery and consists of 8 different items. I am planning to progress in this direction hereafter.”
Liza Smirnova hand embroidery
I really enjoy Liza’s work. There’s a simple illustrative style to her stitching that has the post-impressionist feel to it. The content of some of the portrait pieces blends traditional and contemporary with charm and good humour.
Liza Smirnova hand embroidery
The anatomical pieces play with the inside and outside of our bodies, with vibrancy and hints of darkness.
Liza Smirnova hand embroidery
It’s nice to see the creative embellishment of clothing and I’m curious to watch Liza’s work evolve. If you share that curiousity, check out her Flickr feed or follow her on Tumblr.


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