The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – Lucky Jackson

Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Lucky Jackson is an artist from Peterborough, Canada.

Her Annie Hall embroidery caught my attention and, having investigated her Flickr photostream, I was keen to find out more…

I originally started as a painter but kept employing other media to express my ideas. I have a love of everything vintage,  including a huge collection of vintage clothing (I was married in one of my 1950’s vintage lovelies) and that collecting started to include beautiful old floral sheets and linens. I wanted to use the fabrics in my work and embroidery seemed like the perfect match. Most of my work before I found embroidery has always featured strong black line and the floss worked perfectly. I have been in love with embroidery ever since.

Most of my work features people. Circumstances has left me with none of my family photos from growing up and I love finding photos that can reflect my memories of my own past. I feel that if they speak to reflect my own past they must speak to others as well. I also love doing portraits of my cultural heroes. I grew up with a culture vulture father who instilled in me the love of all arts, music, visual arts, literature and movies. These figures have always been a huge inspiration that self expression should always be important, that if you are your truly unique self that everything will fall into place.
I am very curious about quilting and am gravitating towards this as a new medium. I love the idea of creating heirloom quilts that feature embroidered portraits and pictures from peoples past… and anything else that  would make these pieces  a piece that people will love and cherish and will past down generations. I am beginning  with one for my family with the many photos that I have of my new life with my wonderful husband and daughters.

I love Lucky’s work. The clean lines of the stitching, the style, the choice of textiles. These are elegant pieces of charm and beauty, reflecting cultural classic and reminding us of the joys that life can bring.

You can drool over more of Lucky’s work on her Flickr photostream and buy pieces of her art at her etsy store.


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