Maria Conejo - Florituras (2013) - Acrylic and thread on linen

Maria Conejo – Solitudes In Stitch

Maria Conejo is an embroidery artist from Mexico.

Mario Conejo - Florituras (2013) - Acrylic and thread on linen

“These artworks are focused in the state of solitude. All of these are portraits of girls in different stages of solitude. I intended to reflect this human condition, so intimate and secret, through a series of portraits of characters using as a primary resource: embroidery technique as metaphor about personal construction.

Mario Conejo - Dias de soledad (Solitude Days) (2013) - Acrylic and thread on linen

“Threads so thin that once woven together generate new forms more complex, that only make sense to the author which is the only one who knows where it begins or where it ends and always has an exposed face, where viewers can see a definite shape, and a dark side, where the threads cross each other in an apparent chaos.

“The flowers are the companion for all these lonely characters; they reflect the stage of solitude these girls are (anger, nostalgia, courage, melancholy, denial, etc). They work as a second language and as an elixir.”

Mario Conejo - Mi propio jardin (My Own Garden) (2013) - Thread on cotton fabric

I really like these little pieces. The combination of simple illustrative linework with a touch of paint for the skin gives them an elegant charm. Maria’s use of stitches in the flowers adds to the magic creating works that are miniature glimpses of characters that you want to know better.

Mario Conejo - Poema de la negacion (Denial Poem) (2013) - Acrylic and thread on linen

It’s early days for Maria’s work, as she’s been focusing on collaborative projects with Mexican artist Pedro Reyes, however I’m looking forward to seeing what other pieces she creates and where this charming story she’s creating will take us.

Maria Conejo - Florituras (2013) - Acrylic and thread on linen

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