MimiLoveForever - OMG

The Embroidered Watercolour Art Of MimiLoveForever

Karen Grenfell, aka MimiLoveForever, is a mixed media artist whose watercolour characters are embellished with sassy stitching.

MimiLoveForever - OMG
MimiLoveForever – OMG

Karen has a phenomenal talent for watercolour paintings of animals, which is impressive as a standalone art, but what elevates her work to the next level is the stitching that she applies over the pieces.

MimiLoveForever - Hellfire
MimiLoveForever – Hellfire

The stitching is punkish, is often very funny, and adds a vibrant anarchy to the piece. The works are instantly loveable and nonchalant in their technical excellence.

MimiLoveForever - Funky Chicken
MimiLoveForever – Funky Chicken

The gaiety of the work is infectious. The wonderful mayhem that is created in these pieces is an ideal tonic in these times of fear and woe.

MimiLoveForever - Batman & Robin
MimiLoveForever – Batman & Robin

When I first discovered Karen’s work in 2009 she was a breath of fresh air, and over the years, she continued to create fun pieces, often making bespoke work for customers.

We’ve featured artists like Daniaelle Simonsen who have a watercolour aesthetic in their work, and we’ve had plenty of artists who unleash embellishment in amazing ways, but Karen’s particular magic is something special.

MimiLoveForever - Cockney Sparrow
MimiLoveForever – Cockney Sparrow

However she has seemingly stopped making work, or publishing her work online, which is a loss to all of us.

MimiLoveForever - Karma Chameleon
MimiLoveForever – Karma Chameleon

So I share her work again because my own MimiLove is Forever.

MimiLoveForever - Milkshaker
MimiLoveForever – Milkshaker

If you want to know more about her, visit the MimiLoveForever blog. I hope she comes back to entertain us again.

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