The Embroidered Watercolour Art Of MimiLoveForever

Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

MimiLoveForever is a terrific artist.

MimiLoveForever Ratty D'amour

She paints paintings and then embellishes them with embroidery.

MimiLoveForever's Molly's FrogHer watercolour work is fantastic on it’s own, but the addition of the embroidery, which is often taken from well known songs, takes the work to the next level. There’s a vibrancy and a sense of humour to the work that makes it immediately engaging.

MimiLoveForever's Le CoqThe gaiety of the work is infectious. The wonderful mayhem that is created in these pieces is an ideal tonic in these times of fear and woe*. MimiLoveForever has made a great mark in the Threadiverse and I look forward to seeing more.

MimiLoveForever's Daisy

If you want to know more about her, visit MimiLoveForever’s blog, or her Flickr, and you can even purchase her masterpieces at her etsy store.

*Mr X Stitch doesn’t believe in times of fear and woe. He knows that love is all there is. Well, love and stitchery.