What is the aim of the Prize?

The aim of this prize is to celebrate the art of needlework and showcase embroidery and textile creativity from around the world.

What are the Categories?

The Prize is divided into four categories. The categories are as follows:

The Mr X Stitch Student Needlework Prize Hand Embroidery Category

Hand Embroidery

This includes cross stitch and needlepoint.

It does not include embellished embroidery.

The Mr X Stitch Student Needlework Prize Machine Embroidery Category

Machine Embroidery

This includes work where machine stitch is the dominant stitch type.

It does not include quilts.

The Mr X Stitch Student Needlework Prize Mixed Media Category

Mixed Media

This includes goldwork, beadwork, and any “flat” work that includes alternative media.

The Mr X Stitch Student Needlework Prize 3D Textiles Category

3D Textiles

This includes quilts, soft sculpture, needle-felting and artwork that is deliberately three dimensional.

We recognise that this will lead to some interesting clashes – cross stitch vs hand embroidery, or quilts vs soft sculpture – but that’ll make the competition really interesting so let’s embrace the challenge!

If you are unsure which category to enter, get in touch and we’ll help you work it out.

What are the Prizes?

First Prize

  • The winner of each category will receive £100 as a top prize.
  • An interview on the NeedleXChange podcast.
  • Loads of recognition via the Mr X Stitch social channels.

Second Prize

  • The second place in each category will receive £50.
  • An interview on the NeedleXChange podcast.
  • Loads of recognition via the Mr X Stitch social channels.

Third Prize

  • The third place in each category will needlework materials to enable more amazing work to be made.
  • An interview on the NeedleXChange podcast.
  • Loads of recognition via the Mr X Stitch social channels.

How do I enter?

Click here to purchase your entry ticket. All online entrants must pay via debit card, credit card or PayPal. Please ensure funds are available before registering.

Please note, your Prize registration fee is non-refundable if you later decide not to submit an entry.

I have not received an email confirmation upon registration?

Please ensure that you check your junk mail box before emailing us with your registration queries.

Towards the end of the competition we have a huge influx of entries so our response may be delayed.

You will be emailed an order confirmation and an email that confirms your competition registration and gives you details about how to submit your work.

Do you have to live in the UK to enter?

Our contest is open to embroiderers, students and enthusiasts anywhere in the world. You can enter on our website here.

What type of embroidery can I enter?

The Mr X Stitch Student Needlework Prize accepts all types of embroidery. Your piece may include more than one type of embroidery. 

How do I share my work?

You share your work via hi-resolution digital images. You will not need to physically send work anywhere.

When you complete the submission form, you will be sent a link to a unique Google Drive folder for you to add your work to.

Can you participate as a team?

No – our rules state that we can only accept one name per application.

Can you enter more than one category?

You can enter more than one category, for example you may wish to enter both the hand embroidery and mixed media category.

However, you can only use one entry ticket for one category; entering work in a different category would require a new entry to be purchased.

Can I defer my entry to the following year?

We do not offer deferrals unless there are serious extenuating circumstances.

To be considered for deferral you must notify us a minimum of 48 hours before the submission deadline. Your email must include a detailed explanation of your circumstances and show us the progress you made prior to your change in circumstances. Your request will then be considered by members of the judging team and you will receive an answer within seven days.

I’ve registered but decided not to send a submission, can I get a refund?

The fee at the point of registration is non-refundable, under any circumstances. This fee contributes to the running of the Prize and the Prize fund itself.

Only register if you are confident you can submit a worthy entry by the specified deadline.

My question has not been answered, how can I contact you?

Please email prize@mrxstitch.com with any questions you have and we will endeavour to answer your query as soon as possible.