Noelle Mason’s Columbine Massacre Cross Stitch Art

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Prepare yourself for the remarkable cross stitched work of Noelle Mason.

Noelle Mason Cross Stitch

She is a truly astounding artist; you can see the breadth of her body of work on her website. From “Ground Control” a woollen rug featuring a thermal image of the US-Mexico border in California, to stained glass pieces reproducing the surveillance camera image of Princess Diana leaving the Ritz hotel, Noelle’s work investigates “the subtle seductiveness of power facilitated by systems of visual control”.

Noelle Mason Cross Stitch

The piece we focus on here is entitled “Nothing Much Happened Today (for Eric and Dylan)”. It is a cross stitch piece finished in April this year, and is 50 inches high by 66 inches wide. It took Noelle five years to complete. It is incredibly powerful.

Noelle Mason Cross Stitch

Be sure to explore the other works at Noelle’s website. It’s powerful stuff.

What Technique Is This?

This is cross stitch. It’s one of the simplest stitches to do and one of the world’s most popular craft forms. It’s the reason Mr X Stitch came to be and if you want to find out how to do it, here’s a great place to start!
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