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Paul Nosa in action!
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Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Paul Nosa is an artist from Tucson, Arizona.

Paul Nosa - Birth Of A Unicorn - machine embroidery

“I draw with a sewing machine without a computer or template. I’ve made a portable sewing table powered by a solar panel or a bicycle electric generator.

Paul Nosa - Treasure Island - machine embroidery

“I ask people to imagine a scenario; to say it in 5-words-or-less, and I sew a patch for them on the spot. People can ride the bicycle and generate the electricity for their own patch.

Paul Nosa - Each One Very Unique - machine embroidery

“My goal is to inspire people’s creativity and to demonstrate alternative energy sources.”

Paul Nosa - Making Art Together - machine embroidery

Paul’s approach to stitching is so cool. It’s really raw and instant. It’s improvisational and I think it’s fantastic.

Paul Nosa - 750 Ways - machine embroidery

Not only does Paul innovate with the pedal powered sewing machine, the speed and response to people’s ideas is unlike anything I’ve seen thus far. It’s freestyle hip-hop with a needle and thread. It’s hella cool.

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Paul Nosa in action!

Find out more about Paul at his website, and be slightly astonished at all the other strings to his bow.


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  • I saw him at the Maker Faire in NY, before i had even attempted embroidery and was absolutely in awe of his work! Simplly Gorgeous!

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