The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – Jose Romussi

Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Jose Romussi is an embroidery artist from Chile.

Jose Romussi - Artcannot - embroidery on photo (2013)

“Becoming an artist was a natural process for me, since I became an artist overnight, skipping most of the steps required. Finding my style came to me as naturally as becoming an artist…

Jose Romussi - Dancer Diana Adams - Embroidery on photo (2012)

“I am have always had in mind that there is more to what is tangible and visible and I have the believe that not everything has already been done. Therefore I am constantly exploring and discovering new techniques and materials to express and represent my ideas, a reflection of my inspirations, turning them into artworks.”

Jose Romussi - Life is Beautiful - sewing machine on photo (2013)


It’s not the first time we’ve seen stitching on black and white photography, with Maurizio Anzeri and Stacey Page being notable examples. Jose’s work is interesting as it flits between punk edginess and graceful elegance.

Jose Romussi - Dancer Mary Ellen Moylan - Embroidery on photo (2012)


The text pieces have that commercial coolness that fashion magazines will lap up at the moment, whereas the Dancer pieces extend the elegance, adding another layer of beauty to the images presented. It’s curious that he’s using machine embroidery in some of the pieces, yet it looks like hand embroidery on others – I wonder whether he’ll keep switching between them.

Jose Romussi - Rainbow, sewing machine on photo (2013)

It’s early days for this artist, but he’s clearly making waves and doing a great job of keeping embroidery cool. Find out more by visiting his profile on Cargo Collective.


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