Silke Krah – Dark & Saucy Stitching

Silke Krah is a mixed media artist from Siegen, Germany. She works with a wide range of media, but we’re going to concentrate on her embroideries.

Silke Krah Hanging Machine Embroidery

Her “Sewn Pictures” series present macabre machine stitched vignettes of death.

Silke Krah Drowned Machine Embroidery

They are simple, and yet their simplicity adds to their darkness, reminiscent of the drawings of very, very disturbed children.

Silke Krah Chalk Outline Machine Embroidery

And then there’s her embroidered portraits of “Sexy Things”.

Silke Krah Sexy Man Hand Embroidery

I really like the use of cross hatched stitches to provide depth. And the imagery reminds me of classic erotica from the 1980’s.

Silke Krah Sexy Lady Hand Embroidery

These are great pieces, laced with a terrificly dark humour.

She has more pieces in this series, but they’re a bit NFSW, so we won’t show them here… I’d check back on Saturday for those if I was you!

Silke Krah Sexy Lady Hand Embroidery

You can find out more about her and explore her other works on her website.

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