The Ailist – Issue Seventeen – Christine Cunningham

Ailish Henderson shares her view on the world of embroidery - it's the Ailist!

This month I am featuring the work of artist CHRISTINE CUNNINGHAM.

She tells us:

‘I am self taught, having learned my craft at a young age. I was inspired to explore natural states of being after having breast cancer. I use original poetry, hand embroidered, to provide an emotional layering to works, capturing the essence of my experiences in both collections.’

So there is more to her art than a simple surface view!

‘I have been creating my textile wall hangings for thirty years, having learned the foundation of my skills at school. I combine traditional techniques with an exploration into structure and surface texture, my signature being embellishment’.

Her website Christine Cunningham is a colourful jungle of inspiration; you can really see the connection between her work and life:

Work inspired by Breast Cancer - Christine Cunningham
Her work has been at times inspired by her life experiences, for example going through Breast Cancer.

She shows how great it is to be able to use our art work as not only an expression of our individuality but also a form of therapy for ourselves, no matter what we are going through.

Word embroidery on fabric
Art and Text, embroidering words.

I loved how she continues to use bright colours, no matter what themes her art work are on…

Bright and Cheery artwork
Bright and cheery artwork, with lots of detail.

Christine Cunningham also uses lots of recycled pieces within her work, her website informs us:

‘A love of recycling allows me to build a wealth of treasures which inspires me in my work. Textiles are organically grown over time, where new finds will inspire new direction, some having taken years to produce.’

Messages in Textiles
Youth Cast Aside…..theres a message here.

Textile art with meaning and a message; what is our story?  Can we incorporate life events into our own work?  It is definitely something to think about!

Her website is a must, so go check it out!

Check out this column of mine from earlier on in the year, where I used my own life as inspiration for my work…

Till next time…..

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