Book Review – The Art of Annemieke Mein

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The Art of Annemieke Mein by Annemieke Mein

Published by Search Press


Designated by the publisher as a ‘classic’, with its hardback cover and loose leaf over cover, this book has been built to last.  On first glance, its subject matter is obvious – a nature lover who has a talent to share.

What’s inside?  Is it an instruction book, or a gallery of works?  We will give you a little insight right now…..

Who is it aimed at?

A love on nature is required to fully appreciate this book – the author has put so much love into it – because they obviously hold their subject matter dear – it is close to their heart.  Thus its only fair that readers appreciate it for what it is.

Mein brings together Fine Art and Textiles, thus readers who are interested in either or both will find this worth a read.

About the author

Mein lives in Australia, however she was born in Holland.  She is known as both a Craftswoman and artist.  She has her own part of an art gallery and has become well known in both Fine Art and Textile fields – crossing boundaries.


This volume is not a ‘how to’ or a ‘step-by-step’ manual – it is a display of one woman’s craft – something to aspire to or simply stare at in wonder.

The book is divided into several sections – including a forward, note by the author and then a carefully laid out documentation of Textile Works.
Wow – this is an organised book – the list of works.
She uses a mixed media approach, with silks, fabrics and wools along with dyes and paints. She gets close to the natural image, yet not so close that we may as well look at a wildlife photo in literal form.


The professional photography highlights the beauty of her work.  We like how her pieces flow off the pages, not staying in a box shape – each one different.

We loved the way her work had been photographed and placed on white backgrounds – making the art detail stand out.
The Art of Annemieke Mein
The pages illustrate the writers love of both textiles and art – it has a ‘field note’ quality, with black and white drawings dappled throughout, showcasing the ‘sketch to stitch’ concept.
Imagery to make us smile.

What makes this book special?

The love shines through – this wasn’t a book made to earn money; rather it is one which appreciates nature and the world we live in, alongside being a volume of art.

Decorative stitches along with colour make each documentation of nature stand out. 

Numerous techniques are used in limitless combinations: hand and machine embroidery, dyeing, appliquétrapunto, quilting, pleating, felting, beading…..need we go on?

We need to appreciate that this writer has had a lifelong love for her subject matter.  This photo is evidence!

Sewing at age eight.

What’s wrong with the book?

If you don’t like nature or animal life….then this is wasted on you!


The Art of Annemieke Mein is available to buy through this link.