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I’m loving this embroidered stone furniture by Yaroslav Galant.

Embroidered furniture by Yaroslav Galant

The design project have a long history and goes back to Kievan Rus days when embroidery art was in a big favor. Today furniture collection embroided with Ukranian Pattern by Yaroslav Galant emerging from acient traditions is complemented by modern DuPont„¢ Corian® acril stone technologies.

Embroidered furniture by Yaroslav Galant

“Design concept aimed at contributing to the modern fashion by offering renaissance of Ukrainian art traditions. Yaroslav collection could furnish the entire house, office or hotel environment, while the superior stain-resistant qualities of solid DuPont Corian® material could turn it into park, garden or country house outdoor furniture.

Embroidered furniture by Yaroslav Galant

“The entire furniture set consists of ottomans, sofa, various coffee tables, round dining table, bed, bed side tables, screen, wardrobe, rack, chandelier and bra, TV & entertainment system cabinets, two types of wall boards, bath tub, wash sink, 4 mirrors and benches. The reception desk, dining and living room environments were chosen for the exhibition.

 Embroidered furniture by Yaroslav Galant


“Bright but delicate fairy gloss of the furniture rests on gentle blend of black, white and red traditional colors of Ukrainian embroidery. Two flower themes work together to form surface interior design: on the top we see chandelier  made of thin panels of DuPont Corian® decorated with symbolic red and orange flowers and below it there is another newly presented collection of 3D DuPont Corian® panels with “Phyllotaxis€ pattern creating an optical experience of numerous chamomile flower dance.

Embroidered furniture by Yaroslav Galant 

“Yaroslav mentioned that he had never doubted the revolutionary intention of the project but he was nicely surprised by other people response: “It was a great pleasure to be next to the stand and get grateful comments for the revival input to Ukrainian art and traditions. Collection development took a lot of time and energy, but we were blessed by every little thing about it – lines, forms, colors.

Embroidered furniture by Yaroslav Galant

“I even managed to make heavy red color comfort enough to be included in our design. Absolutely unique content was developed by merging Ukrainian folk embroidery and contemporary DuPont Corian® material offering both structural solidity and visual lightness. It is suitable to various application solutions, besides material is really a pleasure to deal with. Thanks to DuPont Corian® we managed to bring stone embroidery concept to life.

Embroidered furniture by Yaroslav Galant

“Stone embroidery is a pretty intensive process – it takes 10 days to stitch only one chair surface. First machine-cut holes were made according to the pattern design and then solid polyester ropes of the relevant color were manually laced through the holes. Yaroslav’s design concept of abstract geometric and flower ornaments goes back to Slavic mythology. Embroidery  pattern evolves circle, triangle, diamond, flower and other shapes. All design objects were produced in single copy by Elio-Ukraine.”

Embroidered furniture by Yaroslav Galant

We’ve seen Girli Concrete, we’ve seen Clyde Olliver, we’ve seen Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene, we’ve seen Sarah Greaves. Stitching on unorthodox surfaces is cool. Bring it on.


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