Felter Skelter

Galina Blazejewska Octopus Purse

Functional Felt

This column on functional felt was first released in May 2013, however we thought it was so good we wanted to bring it to your

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Jezabel Nekranea Blue Deer

Character Felt

Previously published in April 2013, we are giving you a new chance to read this awesome column on character felt, by Zoe Williams. In this

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Susan Aaron-Taylor Wapiti-Pot

Dream Felt

We have brought this previously published post (first published in early 2013) to life…what on earth is dream felt ? In this month’s column, I

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Miki Ichiyama needle felted snake Shiro Hebi

Creature Felt

Zoe Williams has now retired from her awesome Felter Skelter column, but we loved it so much we have chosen to reissue it each month! 

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Ryan Lytle Better Luck Next Time

Ryan Lytle

This month I would like to introduce you to the work of felt artist Ryan Lytle. Ryan’s sculptures are big and bold, both in appearance

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Meaty Felt

Happy New Year everyone! This month I’m bringing you a feast of felted meats! Food is a popular subject matter for felt sculpture, but while

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