Felter Skelter

Manooni - Geometric Friends - Needle Felting

Manooni – Feelgood Felts

Hannah and Olga Dovhan from Ukraine, are better known as Manooni, and they make charming needle felted creations with weather characters, mindful meditators and much more. It’s another Felter Skelter post from Mr X Stitch!

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lizzieneedles' needle felted cats

Can I Use A Regular Needle For Needle Felting?

You can’t use a regular sewing needle for needle felting. Felting needles are specialized tools adapted from those used in industrial felting machines. They are designed to matt and lock fibers together, transforming loose wool batting or roving into felt fabric or sculptural objects.

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Felt Potpourri

In this column written about needle felted sculptures we observe a selection of creatures, all in different forms. The links to find out more about their individual creators are given.

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Yvonne's Workshop

Wonderful White Felt

In this column Felter Skelter by Zoe Williams we find lots of white felted items. Some of the artists involved use specific fibres such as Alpaca yarns to needle felt their creations. Sculptures are the main form of work observed, all in felt.

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Kit Lane

Summertime Felt

Summertime is still here! The sun is shining (we hope), the weather is hot (we also hope), and thoughts naturally turn to the beach, pool parties, and ice cold treats. Here is some fun summer felt that’s sure to brighten your day, even if you have not had the away holiday you were hoping for…

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Amethyst Geode (artist unknown)

Geode Felt!

This month’s column is all about crystals! Fuzzy felt may not be the first thing to come to mind when you want to try your hand at making a sparkling crystal geode, but read on and you might just change your mind!

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Zany Days

Needle Felt Jewelry and Accessories

Zoe Williams reviews wearable felt art items and the people who make them. Often animal and nature inspired, such as a hand felted hedgehog, what is not to love? Readers are encouraged to visit the artists websites and also create their own needle-felt or hand felted pieces of wearable felt.

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Sarah Mandell needle felted Cacti

Sarah Mandell – Cute Cactus Felt

I give you the wonderful work of Sarah Mandell, aka Once Again Sam. Sarah is a multi-talented artist and needle felting is only one of her many talents. The arrangements not only tiny and cute, they are exquisitely crafted. The variety and attention to detail in each piece is fantastic. This column will look at her needle felted cactus felt pieces.

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Minami Kawasaki

Four Artists, Four Visions in Felt

Four artists who all use felt within their practice are highlighted within this column, written by our Zoe Williams. Felt is used with embroidery and other mixed media. Indigo dyeing is explored by artist Rowland Ricketts. Felt is seen as contemporary art here.

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Jenny Hill wearable felt

Artisan Felting Wearable Art

This hardback guide focuses on the technique of felting in order to create wearable art pieces, suitable for fashion. There are seven step by step projects which will take you through several processes, such as Nuno Felting to create one off garments. Each project is documented with educational imagery so that the observer can understand the instructions clearly. Fashion shoot imagery is also a focus within this publication.

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My Arm Can Fly

Fantasy Needle Felt

This Felter Skelter column highlights three artists who all use needle felting as a method to create fantasy felted characters. All are inspired by nature and animal life. The three artists chosen all have their own websites or shops to visit for further information or to purchase one of the pieces.

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