The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – Alli Coate

Alli Coate - Transparency - Hand Embroidery

Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Alli Coate is a supremely talented artist, working over several different media.

Alli Coate Feist

She is adept at painting, drawing and animation, but it is her embroidered works that really get me excited.

Alli Coate Left Out Applique

She produces wonderful pieces – applique work, embroidered text, multi-layered stitchery marvels.

Alli Coate Transparency Embroidery

There is a terrific diversity to her work, yet it is underpinned by a quiet charm. Even “Domestic Violence”, twelve embroidery pieces in a refurbished window frame, is softened by the palette of muted tones and quaint fabrics.

Alli Coate Domestic Violence Embroidery

Alli is an obvious talent, and the breadth of her output is admirable. I am always excited to see what she produces next, secure in the knowledge it will stir my soul.

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You find out more about her at her website, get to know her better on her blog, and admire her creativity by visiting her Flickr photostream.


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