The Cutting (& Stitching) Edge – Allison Hicks

Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Allison Hicks, known to fans of Mr X Stitch as Relaxalotl, is a textile artist from Florida, US.

Allison Hicks - Americana - Applique Art Quilt (2013)

“Many of my quilts are inspired by dreams– half-remembered scenes charged with emotion or vivid images that have no place in the waking world. Representational prints layer meaning into an image. Some of my favorite quilts are commissioned pet portraits because they are expressions of pure affection. I highlight the pet’s quirks of personality and appearance, celebrating what makes them unforgettable.

Allison Hicks - The Smoking Jacket - Applique Art Quilt (2013)

“The process of raw-edge applique forces me to keep my hands and my head working at the same pace, planning ahead and proceeding thoughtfully. I have been sewing seriously for about ten years; my machine is a powerful tool and a safe place for exploration and expression.”

Allison Hicks - Jalapeno Mouthwash - Applique Art Quilt (2012)

Allison’s quilts are a great example of how much fun quilts can be. Jam-packed with humour and vibrancy, they are cleverly constructed and yet accessible.

Allison Hicks - Distance - Applique Art Quilt (2012)

I’m no quilter, but Allison’s pieces make me want to try. They bring a smile to my face and I can only encourage you to visit Allison’s website and enjoy her portfolio of work.

Allison Hicks - Forest Guide - Applique Art Quilt (2012)


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