Christine Cunningham

Book Review - The Sewing Room Sampler Quilt by Yoko Saito

The Sewing Room Sampler Quilt | Textile Art

The Sewing Room Sampler Quilt combines two of Yoko Saito’s favourites: blocks featuring traditional quilting motifs, such as stars and houses, plus one-of-a-kind sewing-themed applique designs. You can use the block and applique designs individually, or combine them to create this quilting masterpiece. Step-by-step colour instructions illustrate how to piece the 16 blocks together and assemble the quilt. Full-size templates of the 8 applique motifs are included on pattern sheets.

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Cross Stitch Wildflowers and Grasses by Hisako Nishisu

Cross Stitch Wildflowers and Grasses | Textile Art

Book Review – Hisako Nishisu invites you to try her new collection of Cross Stitch Wildflowers and Grasses, designs inspired by beauty and simplicity. There are over 30 stunning motifs to choose from, so whether you admire the lily of the valley or the violet, or prefer to stitch the Japanese silverleaf, there is sure to be a project that will catch your eye. After a gallery of beautifully photographed embroideries, a cross stitch overview is provided outlining the tools, materials and techniques needed for completing these charming samplers. This is followed by a clear, full-page chart for each design. Once your floral sampler is finished, frame it and hang it for a beautiful addition to any room, or use the designs to add pretty motifs to your linens, clothing and accessories.

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Interview - Disposable Beauty

Valeria Faundez | Textile Art

Today I am interviewing contemporary textile artist Valeria Faundez who’s embroidery canvases are microwave food trays, domestic plastic bottles and kitchen utensils. Her still life exhibitions elevate everyday objects from mass consumerism to a sculptural platform, challenging traditional concepts of what is ‘ART’? Let us explore her beautiful collection of traditional embroidery and stitch set against a backdrop of disposable product.

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Book Review - The Textile Artist: Expressive Stitches

The Textile Artist: Expressive Stitches | Textile Art Book Review

The Textile Artist: Expressive Stitches delves into the creative process of collecting and storing natural items, exploring pattern, texture, media and markings to cultivate the final design. Dyeing, embellishing and stamping transform fabrics into vibrant, textured artworks using a combination of traditional hand stitching, machine stitching, and other media. A step-by step guide of techniques explores Jan’s stitched landscape, memory cloths and bird sculptures. Each project includes a break down of materials, tools and techniques used providing inspiration for your own textile artwork.

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Interview - Sculptures

Elodie Antoine | Textile Art

Today I am interviewing textile artist Elodie Antoine and her abstract 3D sculptures and objects. It’s fun to have work which is open to interpretation. Let us explore the motivation behind the artworks.

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Interview - The Grotesque

Kasie Campbell | Textile Art

Today I am interviewing Kasie Campbell and her exploration into the grotesque feminine forms she creates and inhabits in her performance art, challenging ‘acceptable’ female beauty.

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Marjolein Burbank | Textile Art

Today I am interviewing Textile Artist Marjolein Burbank who’s work is constructed using TEXT. Let us explore her UNDER/OVER WEAR collection which demonstrates ‘WHAT HAPPENS WHEN WOMEN START TAKING UP SPACE?’

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peace love embroidery

Peace, Love & Embroidery | Textile Art

Retro, quirky and colourful, this collection of designs totally hits the fashion trend embroidery market. With 250 motifs, there is plenty to discover and choose from. Within this book, you will fine cakes, dogs…even the odd mushroom! Choose your theme and look it up!

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How To Create A Hanging Sleeve | Textile Art

When considering the hanging of your textile you have two choices – an inner wooden framework (see previous post) or a HANGING SLEEVE. This can be a stand alone feature – a fur backdrop for the 3D flower halo in Jesus 2, an extension of the overall design – Button embellishment in Cancer 2: Mastectomy or housing a title and signature – ”Skeletal frames take on the shape of old bones, brittle and cold. Naked now, fully exposed” Autumn 2. Let us explore HOW TO CREATE A HANGING SLEEVE – YOU WILL NEED

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Today I am interviewing Textile Artist Jessica Kinnersley who’s work is structured by ‘FOUND OBJECTS’, ”forgotton things … weathered by age … repurposed and reworked” to produce ”nostalgic, slow stitched textile creations…unique, personal and precious”. Let us explore how she creates her unique textile pieces.

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Framed Structure | Textile Art

When considering the hanging of your textile creation you have two options – a FRAMED STRUCTURE or a hanging sleeve. I have used both with very different results. Today we will explore how to wrap your textile around a wooden frame, HANGING TEXTILES and consider STORAGE and POSTAGE options.

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