Machine Embroidery

You can do so much more than dress making with a sewing machine. We’ve got tons of machine embroidered inspiration for you at Mr X Stitch!

Pottermouth's Machine Embroidered Hagrid's Hut
Craftster Pick of the Month – Hagrid’s Hut

Over on Craftster, Pottermouth took some of the original concept art for Hagrid’s Hut and reproduced it with some tasty free machine embroidery! Harry Potter crafting at it’s best! Check it out at Mr X Stitch!

All Access: Machine Embroidery (and Digitizing) for Everybody

A commenter on one of my posts recently lamented an inability to create their own…

This 3D Foam Embroidery design made for a commercial client some years ago stitched well with thick commercial foam directly on a Brother PE-770 home machine with no alteration.
Simple Answers on 3D Foam Machine Embroidery

As a commercial machine embroidery digitizer, the use of 3D foam has been a subject…

Monogram in Progress Running
Make Do and Monogram – A Repair with Embroidery

If you follow embroiderers and digitizers online, you’ll often find yourself dazzled by the complex…

BBC World Cup Animation - Pele & Geoff Hurst
The World Cup in Machine Embroidery!

The World Cup has just started and over here in the UK, this means we’re…