Fun with Threads | Needlepoint

Whether you’re stitching from kits or buying your canvasses and fully picking your own threads, I’m hoping this column will introduce you to some exciting new ways to bring another dimension to your projects.

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Modern Needlepoint in the U.K | Needlepoint

The needlepoint scene in the UK feels like it’s having a bit of a renaissance. Fresh new talents are joining the modern trailblazing designers like Emily Peacock and Hannah Bass, adding their voices to a championing of colour and contemporary aesthetics. 

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A selection of sewing accessories including heart shaped scissors and a fish shaped needleminder

Sewing Notions | Needlepoint

Looking to up your stitching game this year? One of the best ways to start is to equip yourself with crafty gadgets to make your life easier. 

I am an absolute sucker for stitching accessories, with multiple needle minders and embroidery scissors in amongst my stash. 

So what cute crafting notions are there out there?, let’s investigate!

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