Beneath The Folds


International Women’s Day | Textile Art

Textile Artist Christine Cunningham celebrates International Women’s Day (IWD) with the ‘SEX KITTEN’ series, a collection of A3 panels exposing the derogatory names given to women because of their sexual independence. Names are based upon my own personal experience. Created from recycled materials with beautiful print embellished in beads and sequins, capturing the essence of a woman’s beauty. Explore how to create a panel using traditional techniques, choosing recycled fabrics, embellishing vintage and modern prints, celebrating bold and subtle colour, using beads and sequins to enhance.

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Abstract Vagina Studies | Textile Art

The Womanhood Collection embraces sexuality and explores the female form with ‘ABSTRACT VAGINA STUDIES’. Ready made pockets can be molded and contoured or new creations machine stitched. Let us explore these versatile 3D sculptures in terms of structure, texture, and colour.

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A Festive Window | Textile Art

My Religious Collection is inspired by the classical architecture, stonework and stained glass windows. Using traditional techniques of padded applique and patchwork produce strong textile designs to be adorned in light reflective embellishment. Let us explore how to create a festive window.

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The Essence of Woman - Fertility

The Essense Of Woman | Textile Art

As Christmas approaches we are expected to embrace all that is required of us – finding and wrapping the perfect gift, decorating the home with festive cheer, throwing lavish parties, cooking beautiful meals while dressed to impress… All of this with enthusiasm and grace. Where do we get the extra energy? We are naturally driven to achieve perfection in all areas of our lives. Let us explore THE ESSENCE OF WOMAN and celebrate all that we are.

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Abstract India | Textile Art

With Diwali approaching let us celebrate all that India has to offer with abstract images of Buddha, Temples and Elephants created from recycled materials using traditional methods of quilted applique and patchwork embellished in light reflective jewels, beads, mirrors and sequins.

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