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The Book of Boro, written by Susan Briscoe is centred around the Japanese art of mending. The book explains it all, from history and cultural context of Boro, to how it can be used within our own modern day settings. Both Sashiko and embroidery techniques are included within this book.

About The Author

Susan Briscoe is a designer and textile artist who used to teach in Japan. She was introduced to the method of Boro in the early 1990’s. She must have a love of this method, as it has become a major point of study for her. She is now well known for her writing and has written many other books on similar subjects including The Ultimate Sashiko Sourcebook.

Who Is This Book Aimed At?

Those with an interest in Japanese techniques or culture and those who enjoy the slow stitching movement, with a focus on using pre-loved materials.

the book of boro contents
The contents list.


The book begins with a historical overview of Boro and an introduction surrounding the methods of this technique. We are then led into many projects, from art work based pieces to those with further practical value, i.e. placemats and table décor for interiors.

The introduction pages reveal why the author has an interest in Boro and a little about her experience in textile art.

the book of boro boro intro
Introduction, which has been written from the authors perspective, in the first person.
the book of boro boro history
Boro history is discussed simply.

The history of Boro is explained, however Briscoe does not go into deep details, just enough for us to understand why this technique is important and worth considering. You can find out more about Boro in our post here!

Artwork projects are included, with lovely ideas for framing the finished pieces. This helps readers to visualise how the work they create can have a place in their own environment.

the book of boro boro picture
Helpful images to show finished framed artwork using Boro methods.

All the embroidery stitches and repair methods are taught in the book, so readers simply have to turn to this section to learn the skills and then turn back to the project they are trying to replicate.

the book of boro boro steps
Stitching methods are taught.


Beautiful photography appears throughout, including large double page spreads that help us to fully visualise the projects and stitch details.

the book of boro
Brilliant photographs are found throughout the book.

Anything Wrong With The Book?

Not that we can think of! This is a project based book, so this is not simply a book about the techniques place in history….it is a great all rounder introduction to the method, with enough background knowledge given by Susan Briscoe to help us understand the importance of the technique.

What Makes This Book Special?

Susan Briscoe has so much experience, that her knowledge cannot help but be flooded throughout the book; making this an educational and captivating read.

Due to the authors experience level, she is able to simplify instructions and methods which are technically more advanced and make them accessible to readers with less knowledge – the art of a good teacher and one who has practiced her craft!

The Book of Boro is not a lengthy book, nor does it have a hard cover, yet the pages and cover are made from high quality materials and the images are all clear and of a stylised finish.


Here at Mr X Stitch we are inundated with books , however we found that the projects included in this one were those we would not just read about, but try ourselves – as soon as we get a chance! That makes the book worth purchasing for you or a friend. It will be publication to refer to, not have as shelf decoration.

The Book of Boro by Susan Briscoe is available to purchase from an independent bookshop through this link!

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