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MadX Stitcher's Marvin the Android Embroidered Tea Towel
String Of Thought by Maddie Dowling
Soraya Abidis' Love Fruit - Soft Sculpture
IggyStarPup's Admiral Ackbar Applique
X Files cross stitch by deltiolog
Helen McCook's Jacobean Blackwork Portrait
t-t-l-sis12's Machine Embroidered Self Portrait
Cheshire Cat Art Doll by Vladimir Sukhanov
James Fox- The Way - Quilt
Cheshire Cat Art Doll by Vladimir Sukhanov
Ruth Norbury's Craftivism Cross Stitch
xxStitchery's Hunter S Thompson Cross Stitch
Keith Clark's Cross Stitched Credit Card
Sheepishwolfie - Garudamon - Cross Stitch
Tom Katsumi - General Election Live Stitch
Robin Hobbs - Goat - 3D cross stitch
Fiona Sinclair's Fabric
Spike Dennis - Content Moderated