Stitchgasm – Carand88’s TARDIS Cross Stitch

It’s been a while since we had a TARDIS cross stitch on here, so that’s that sorted then! Thanks Carand88! If you liked that, you’ll love this! Stitchgasm – Five Fantastic Doctor Who Fan Arts! Stitchgasm! – Rhaben’s 3D TARDIS! Stitchgasm! – Domo-kun Baby Bib! Stitchgasm – Life Sucketh Not

Stitchgasm – Art Dolls Against Trump

I’m sure Snotnormal‘s Art Dolls won’t be the only textile treats that do not like Donald Trump: “Art Dolls Against Trump say, “Keep your small, nasty hands away from our privates!” If you liked that, you’ll love this! Stitchgasm! KarenKaren’s Angry Moby! Stitchgasm! – NobleKnightKaeru’s Tonberry Plush Stitchgasm – Five Fantastic…