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Lindsey Windland - Persistence - Hand Embroidery
Teresa Millies' TARDIS hand embroidery
Michelle Threefold's Goth Deathrock Needlepoint
Thais' Tiny Kiss Cross Stitch
Roy Lichtenstein Girl with Hair Ribbon Cross Stitch by jlajulia
MadX Stitcher's Marvin the Android Embroidered Tea Towel
String Of Thought by Maddie Dowling
Soraya Abidis' Love Fruit - Soft Sculpture
IggyStarPup's Admiral Ackbar Applique
X Files cross stitch by deltiolog
Helen McCook's Jacobean Blackwork Portrait
t-t-l-sis12's Machine Embroidered Self Portrait
Cheshire Cat Art Doll by Vladimir Sukhanov
James Fox- The Way - Quilt
Cheshire Cat Art Doll by Vladimir Sukhanov
Ruth Norbury's Craftivism Cross Stitch
xxStitchery's Hunter S Thompson Cross Stitch
Keith Clark's Cross Stitched Credit Card
Sheepishwolfie - Garudamon - Cross Stitch
Tom Katsumi - General Election Live Stitch