Stitchgasm – Art Dolls Against Trump

I’m sure Snotnormal‘s Art Dolls won’t be the only textile treats that do not like Donald Trump:¬†“Art Dolls Against Trump say, “Keep your small, nasty hands away from our privates!” If you liked that, you’ll love this! Stitchgasm! KarenKaren’s Angry Moby! Stitchgasm! – NobleKnightKaeru’s Tonberry Plush Stitchgasm – Five Fantastic…

Stitchgasm – Watarigarasu’s Slytherin Emblem

If you’re going to do some beadwork, why not show your gang colours?¬†Watarigarasu did.   If you liked that, you’ll love this! Stitchgasm – Kjersti Faret’s Self Portrait Stitchgasm – Karen Paust Stitchgasm – Olga Orlova Stitchgasm – Ann’s Orchard’s True Love