Ailish Henderson

Is Needle Felting Difficult?

Needle Felting is not difficult, it simply takes practice. There are plenty of good guides both online and in books to help you practice and learn the techniques involved. In this post we will explain what needle felting is, what tools are required as well as showcasing some artists who have used this art form.

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Paint With Thread by Emillie Ferris

Paint With Thread

Paint With Thread by Emilie Ferris is a richly illustrated step-by-step guide with five main projects for readers to follow, all inspired by the changing of the seasons and its impact on nature. With detailed tutorials, a separate stitch guide and all the information required to begin and finish each embroidery project.

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Stumpwork Flowers by Sachiko Morimoto

Stumpwork Flowers by Sachiko Morimoto is an excellent instruction book for helping you apply one of the more challenging embroidery techniques in a floral context. It is a must-have for the keen embroiderer and will empower you to make elegant flower embroideries for friends and loved ones.

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Quarantine Quilts by Sandra Sider

Quarantine Quilts

In Quarantine Quilts: Creativity In The Midst Of Chaos by Sandra Sider, learn directly from makers personal notes and quotes what moved them to create their individual art quilts, which are all inspired by the COVID-19 pandemic. Discover how the experiences which the artists went through enabled them to develop new ways of artistic thinking. Read how the pandemic experience has allowed them to connect to creativity. Topics include Home Is Where The Heart Is and Pandemic Landscapes.

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Unravelling Women’s Art: Creators, Rebels, & Innovators in Textile Arts | Weaving Book Review

Within Unravelling Women’s Art, P.L. Henderson symbolically unties the woven structures of female textile artists and their work. She focuses on the links between the artists she has curated together, examining the messages found within their work, providing fascinating insights into the finer details of female textile art. Over twenty artist interviews back up her interpretations; embroidery, weaving, sculpture and patchwork are all covered, as well as notes on their cultural context, historical meaning and identity within the contemporary arts field.

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What is batik - development framed portrait idea

What is Batik?

In this Living for Dyeing column, writer Ailish Henderson explains what is Batik, history, how it can be used and teaches us the basic steps so that readers can have a go themselves.

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Textile Folk Art

Textile Folk Art by Anne Kelly explores traditional folk art collections from all over the world, explaining their association with Textile art and craft. In this book Kelly reveals how contemporary Textile artists have used inspiration from samplers, quilts, icons and traditional motifs to produce new and exciting work today. This guide contains many easy to follow step-by-step projects, so readers can practice and apply what they learn.

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Trish Burr kew cover

The Kew Book of Embroidered Flowers

The Kew Book Of Embroidered Flowers by Trish Burr is written in collaboration with Kew Gardens. In the book Trish uses needle painting techniques to recreate some stunning flowers in embroidery, and shares templates, techniques and tips that will encourage you to try them for yourself.

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Fiber Art Today Carol K Russell - cover image

Fiber Art Today

Fiber Art Today edited by Carol K.Russell is a substantial collection of contemporary textile and fiber art. With over 300 pictures and detailed descriptions of the work, it’s both a beautiful gallery book and a valuable resource for art practitioners.

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Supercute Sewing

Within Supercute Sewing by Melanie McNeice, discover the bright and bold patterns you will need to craft your own menagerie of storybook characters and animal soft toys. With twenty easy to follow sewing patterns and a wealth of handy tips provided by the author, we are sure you will be inspired to start stuffing your own creatures to be.

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The Book of Boro by Susan Briscoe

The Book of Boro, written by Susan Briscoe is centred around the Japanese art of mending. The book explains it all, from history and cultural context of Boro, to how it can be used within our own modern day settings.

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