Ailish Henderson

Stitchcraft: An Embroidery Book of Simple Stitches and Peculiar Patterns

Stitchcraft by Gayla Partridge

A softback publication, Stitchcraft is both macabre and enticing; floral with an eerie edge. It is image led, relying on a sublime portrayal of images to catch our eye. The author Gayla Partridge uses her knowledge of the human form to create a unique book which seems to marry our curiosity with a timeless Halloween theme. From snakes to bones – just don’t try stitching this one in the dark!

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Work inspired by Breast Cancer

Christine Cunningham

Christine Cunningham is a columnist here on Mr X Stitch. She is a practicing artist, often using personal experiences and feminine themes to create unique pieces of bright textile art. In this Ailist, we discover more about her work, the woman behind the column ‘Beneath the folds’.

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Urban Quilting Wendy Chow book cover

Urban Quilting by Wendy Chou

Are you a keen quilter? Or maybe this is a new technique for you to master. Either way, Urban Quilting by Wendy Chow professes to be the guide you require to learn all about this craft method. Featuring many patterns, step-by-step instructions and photographs, what will you make first?

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Freestyle Embroidery on Wool

Written by a Swedish designer, Freestyle Embroidery on Wool has been first published in Sweden and then brought here to the UK. Derland the author gifts this book to her grandmother. The book references wool fabrics and threads, as well as those made from silk, linen and cotton – so very naturally biased. This publication is filled with unique ideas and will delight any embroiderer.

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Workshops – An Insider’s View

Ailish Henderson shares her portfolio of textile workshops and explains the techniques you can learn. From hand stitch to bonded fabrics, Ailish teaches a range of subjects and you can learn about them here!

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jessica long animal embroidery

Animal Embroidery Workbook

In this craft bible of colourful critters, Jessica Long guides us through skills via thirty embroidery based tutorials, which reveal all the wonders of creation – are you a cute bunny lover? Or maybe your prefer one of the wilder ones…well this book certainly covers all things fluffy and fur ridden! Just make sure that you have an embroidery hoop and cotton on hand…

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garden stitch life cover

Garden Stitch Life

In Garden Stitch Life , embroidery artist Kazuko Aoki invites you into her enchanting world of garden-themed embroidery. She allows us up close and personal, revealing her creative secrets and processes. There is the ‘from sketch to stitch’ approach, showcasing how we can use inspiration around us via the natural world to inspire our creative processes.

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Lace Reimagined

Lace Reimagined: 30 Inspiring Projects for Making and Using Lace Creatively by Elisabeth Healey is published by Search Press. When we think of Lace, often a traditional image comes to mind, something old fashioned. This book helps us to reimagine our conception of this textile embroidery technique, featuring some thirty step by step projects which showcase lace making as a modern and contemporary form of art.

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Jenny Hill wearable felt

Artisan Felting Wearable Art

This hardback guide focuses on the technique of felting in order to create wearable art pieces, suitable for fashion. There are seven step by step projects which will take you through several processes, such as Nuno Felting to create one off garments. Each project is documented with educational imagery so that the observer can understand the instructions clearly. Fashion shoot imagery is also a focus within this publication.

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Simply Stitched with Embroidery by Yumiko Higuchi

Simply Stitched with Embroidery: Create Artful Motifs for Purses and More by Yumiko Higuchi is published by Zakka Workshop. With its focus on folk art style embroidery, which has been given a Japanese twist by the author, this publication contains many step by step photographs to visually teach how to create certain projects.

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Karen Suzuki - white rabbit

Karen Suzuki

Karen Suzuki is a practicing textile artist, currently working in Glasgow, Scotland. Originally she trained as a ceramicist before experiencing textiles. We see how skills can be merged together as her work has a sculptural tone and is often inspired by pottery sources such as Staffordshire sculptures. She works with hand embroidery to create her creatures, which are mostly stuffed and set as 3D pieces rather than flat works. Her work has been featured in the Batsford published book ‘Be creative with textile art’.

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