Ailish Henderson

Cross Stitch For The Earth: 20 Designs to Cherish

We are all aware of the struggles and challenges our earth faces. Emma Congdon focuses on this issue in her latest book, published by David and Charles. It has twenty designs to recreate, great for gifts and styling our home with. With large attractive photographs and all the info we require, will this be the one for you? Maybe this is your chance to step away from the old phone screen and focus on something new…..

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Hand Embroidery Dictionary

Christen Brown’s Hand Embroidery Dictionary provides detailed instruction on how to make 500 different embroidery stitches. It is a fantastic resource for anyone who enjoys hand embroidery, as it provides easy access to new stitches, ranging from simple stitches to complex techniques. If you want to broaden your stitching skill set, this is a must-have book.

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Stitched Textiles: Animals

Stitched Textiles: Animals is written by Mrs Bertimus and provides a wealth of ideas for the nature fan and those who wish to try out new methods. A vast array of ideas are played out visually, including print making and mixed media as well as appliqué and other embroidery techniques. Collaged together in this humble publication, this is an inspiring, practical guide.

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Courtney Cox Pandemic PORTRAIT

Courtney Cox

Courtney Cox is an Austin-based embroidery artist who makes free hand portrait and figurative pieces that cast a critical eye on modern times. Find out more at Mr X Stitch!

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Ruri Clarkson

Today we focus on the career of textile art designer Ruri Clarkson. This artist works as a visual artist who delves into feminist issues. They are translated and vocalised via illustrations and embroidery. She depicts fantastical scenes, fairytale visuals and motifs, often grounded in Chinese embroidery.

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Textures From Nature In Textile Art

Nature is a focus of interest for Marian Jazmik and used massively through her work in textile art. This book Textures From Nature in Textile Art is her first published book. It comprises of content alluding to nature and how it can be used to create textile art pieces.

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Shelley Rhodes F and R

Fragmentation and Repair

The concept of repair is certainly not new and we see it as a feature within many textile art publications coming out in the world we currently live in. Maybe it is that world environment which has pushed many to go down that route. So, will another book which touches upon this theme be required? Will it be a copy of those previously published? Within Fragmentation and Repair Shelley Rhodes touches upon some really inspiring themes and concepts.

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Embroidering The Everyday by Cas Holmes

Embroidering the Everyday

Pre CO-VID19 this book would have not come into exitance, its content not there to be inspired by in the first place and thus written about. Yet the pandemic happened and Cas Holmes as an experienced and celebrated textile practitioner shows through visual evidence how we can move forward and use what we have, not what we have to travel far and wide to glean. Within this textile art publication, she heads a new way of working, a new way of thinking and living our artistic existence out to the full.

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