Jacinta Lodge is the embroiderer behind Stitchalicious, which has recently moved into selling counter-culture inspired cross stitch patterns via her etsy shop StitchaliciousDesign. Her embroidered artworks have been shown in exhibitions in Germany, the UK and Canada and published in The Anticraft and Indie Craft. Jacinta is Australian, but lives in Berlin, Germany, where she does roller derby and listens to her husband hark on and on and on about VW buses.

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A sampler of a variety of filling stitches: in purple is chain stitch; green and pink, blankets stitch; blue, turkey knots; red, satin stitch; brown etc, lattice; mustard, burden stitch ; light blue, couched lattice.
Improving Your Stitch: Filling Stitches

This month I’ve been thinking a lot about filling stitches – specifically Satin Stitch and…

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Improving Your Stitch: 7 Kickass Cross Stitch Tips

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Jana Berezko Marggrander - Rhythmic Gymnastics
Improving Your Stitch: New World Record

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Violin Practice
Improving Your Stitch: Staying The Distance

Today I’m going to fore-go the technique side of becoming a better stitcher to talk about the…

Stitchalicious' crewel experiment
Improving Your Stitch: Go On, Touch It

Last post we were talking about filling stitches and how to perfect the shiny smooth…