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Pulled Thread Embroidery

The sub title of this book is ‘Stitches, techniques and over 140 exquisite designs’ so it’s jam packed with pulled thread pleasure. Pulled thread embroidery is a technique which involves sewing thread to pull on the threads of the fabric you are using, allowing you to produce beautiful designs without cutting or removing anything.

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Transfers collection book

Embroiderer’s Guild Transfers Collection

The Embroiderers’ Guild Transfers Collection: 90 Rediscovered Treasures to Transfer and Stitch – to give it its full title – is a beautiful collection of embroidery transfers which Annelle Collinge discovered in the archives of the Embroiderers’ Guild. As Annette explains in the book, Embroiderers’ Guild transfers were first referred to in a magazine published in 1932 so the description of the book as a ‘treasure trove’ on the back, is really true.

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Thread Folk

The author Libby Moore marries together a few different artists’ illustrations coupled with a good old traditional embroidery hoop and hand embroidery to showcase a number of repeatable patterns. The patterns vary in theme, from floral to confetti.

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Book Review - The Textile Artist: Expressive Stitches

The Textile Artist: Expressive Stitches | Textile Art Book Review

The Textile Artist: Expressive Stitches delves into the creative process of collecting and storing natural items, exploring pattern, texture, media and markings to cultivate the final design. Dyeing, embellishing and stamping transform fabrics into vibrant, textured artworks using a combination of traditional hand stitching, machine stitching, and other media. A step-by step guide of techniques explores Jan’s stitched landscape, memory cloths and bird sculptures. Each project includes a break down of materials, tools and techniques used providing inspiration for your own textile artwork.

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Quilting with Liberty Fabrics: 15 quilts celebrating 145 years in fabric

Bound with quality and respect towards it’s linage and name within the fashion and arts world, Quilting with Liberty Fabrics is a joyous marriage of history and art. Jenni Smith as the writer takes us behind the scenes, using her ability of access the actual Liberty Design Studio and historical archives, to showcase and progress with fifteen projects. All feature aspects of history within Liberty fabrics, so we learn as well as create our own pieces. British design at its best.

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Textiles of India cover

Textiles Of India

A hardcover bible, dressed as linen with its own jacket. It is filled full of colour illustrations, both full view and close up in style. In size, it is a giant, at 34cm x 25.5cm. Textiles of India will soon become your when-cannot-travel companion, a publication to get lost in and discover a wealth of culture and history. From silks, embroideries to exciting finds in temples.

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Stitchcraft: An Embroidery Book of Simple Stitches and Peculiar Patterns

Stitchcraft by Gayla Partridge

A softback publication, Stitchcraft is both macabre and enticing; floral with an eerie edge. It is image led, relying on a sublime portrayal of images to catch our eye. The author Gayla Partridge uses her knowledge of the human form to create a unique book which seems to marry our curiosity with a timeless Halloween theme. From snakes to bones – just don’t try stitching this one in the dark!

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Urban Quilting Wendy Chow book cover

Urban Quilting by Wendy Chou

Are you a keen quilter? Or maybe this is a new technique for you to master. Either way, Urban Quilting by Wendy Chow professes to be the guide you require to learn all about this craft method. Featuring many patterns, step-by-step instructions and photographs, what will you make first?

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Freestyle Embroidery on Wool

Written by a Swedish designer, Freestyle Embroidery on Wool has been first published in Sweden and then brought here to the UK. Derland the author gifts this book to her grandmother. The book references wool fabrics and threads, as well as those made from silk, linen and cotton – so very naturally biased. This publication is filled with unique ideas and will delight any embroiderer.

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peace love embroidery

Peace, Love & Embroidery | Textile Art

Retro, quirky and colourful, this collection of designs totally hits the fashion trend embroidery market. With 250 motifs, there is plenty to discover and choose from. Within this book, you will fine cakes, dogs…even the odd mushroom! Choose your theme and look it up!

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jessica long animal embroidery

Animal Embroidery Workbook

In this craft bible of colourful critters, Jessica Long guides us through skills via thirty embroidery based tutorials, which reveal all the wonders of creation – are you a cute bunny lover? Or maybe your prefer one of the wilder ones…well this book certainly covers all things fluffy and fur ridden! Just make sure that you have an embroidery hoop and cotton on hand…

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