Five Graffiti Embroideries

Contemporary embroidery art via Mr X Stitch

Graffiti and needlecraft coming together was one of the things that first got me on the road to the entire, magnificent world of contemporary embroidery, so it’s a pleasure to bring these five posts from our archives together. Click on the links to enjoy the original post!

EliotBK - Roller - Cross Stitch On Painted Canvas
Jacquelyn Royal - Berlin 1 - Graffiti Needlepoint
Jacquelyn Royal
Atrocity - Digitized Graffiti Machine Embroidery from Stitchalicious and Urban Threads
Atrocity – Digitized Graffiti Machine Embroidery from Stitchalicious & Urban Threads
Frances Goodman - How Can A Young Offender - Hand Embroidery
Frances Goodman

And last but not least, the Mr X Stitch Graffiti Cross Stitch Patterns – available to buy on Etsy!

Mr X Stitch Reyes Graffiti Cross Stitch Pattern


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PUSH Stitchery - curated by Mr X Stitch!

Mr X

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