Quilty Pleasures

Quilt Block of the Month

Have you ever purchased, or taken part in, a quilt block of the month project? I have not but think the idea is so fun. I love the idea of block of the month when you are, perhaps, in a slump and do not know what to quilt next, but know that you want to make something! They are also a way to learn new approaches to quilting and often, as it involves groups, it is a way to quilt along with others no matter where you live.

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Halloween Time | Art Quilts

It is that time of year when Halloween is just around the corner! Our quilty Pleasures columnist Julie tells us: ‘I am not a fanatic of Halloween things but I do love a good Halloween quilt and print. I thought it would be fun to look at some quilt patterns and also new Halloween fabric prints.’ Read all about the ideas on offer in this issue of Quilty Pleasures.

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Double Wedding Ring Quilt

Summer (usually June in the United States) is often a time for weddings. I have long been a fan of Double Wedding Ring quilts because they are often so vibrant with a great deal of white or light background to really set off the rings. There are many ways to make this particular pattern.

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Berta’s Flax | Modern Weaving

I am going to stray off track a bit this month. I just have to share something that is happening in the fibre world that does, in some ways, connect to quilting. It involves flax, which is an amazing ancient plant that results in linen.

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Helping Save the Planet AND Quilt

I don’t know about you but I am always, in big or little ways, thinking about how much of a footprint I make on the earth and how I can change that. This quilty pleasures column looks at how we can be more sustainable within our quilting arts.

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Creating Children's Artwork Quilts

Creating Children’s Artwork Quilts | Art Quilts Book Review

Julie explores a book for us this time in Quilty Pleasures….Ready for a super fun book review? I was sent this quilt book and think it is just wonderful! It is all about making quilts, as well as other things, from a child’s artwork. It is not a book about how to make a quilt but rather how to take a child’s artwork and turn it into something utilizing fabric. The book is Creating Children’s Artwork Quilts by Shannon Gingrich Shirley.

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feed sack cloth by Julie Rodgers

Feed Sack Cloth | Art Quilts

In this column on all our quilty pleasures, written by Julie Rodgers, we learn all about Feed Sack Cloth. We loved the patterns and pure hope within this column using this sturdy fabric. Will you have a go making your own quilt art with this feed sack material?

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