Six Cool Cross Stitchers!

Welcome to the Cutting (& Stitching) Edge - the best textile art in the world

Welcome to the Cutting (& Stitching) Edge, where we showcase people whose embroidered creativity is fresh and new!

In honour of the sixth birthday of the site, here’s six cross stitchers that we’ve featured in the past that deserve another airing. Yes, that’s right, cross stitch. It’s the simplest of stitches, but these guys prove that it’s a remarkable tool for artistic expression – enjoy!

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Noelle Mason

Noelle Mason recreates CCTV footage as a commentary on surveillance culture. It’s dramatic stuff!

Andoni Maillard - Fire

Andoni Maillard hacks needlepoint designs with fresh concepts as well as stitching on skateboards, among other cool things!

Pete Fowler - Synth Galleon - Cross Stitch

Pete Fowler applies his illustrative skills to create quirky characters with a really groovy vibe!

Alicia Ross - Motherboard 2 - Machine Embroidered Cross Stitch

Alicia Ross‘ large scale cross stitches are electrifyingly erotic!

Evelin Kasikov

Evelin Kasikov explores the world of CMYK with her graphic designs!

Diane Meyer - Mauer Park - cross stitch on photograph

Diane Meyer‘s cross stitched photographs highlight the beauty in the mundane and make us rethink modern moments.